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Backup Generators

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Backup Generator

Most homes and businesses can benefit from a backup generator. A Honeywell backup generator can supply power for a building at any time. Inclement weather can bring power outages and the backup generators we offer at Comfort Plus Services can keep all modern conveniences operating as if nothing ever happened. Our products switch on and off automatically to provide efficient operation as needed.

Generators that Utilize Propane or Natural Gas

Honeywell backup generators function with propane (LP) fuel or natural gas. During a power outage, it is easy to lose valuable foodstuffs, suffer property damage from a lack of heat or be uncomfortable when the air conditioning goes out. If weather is severe, power can be out for days, and having an alternative power form can make a big difference. Backup generators power your home as smoothly as your normal electrical connection: it starts immediately when the power goes out providing an excellent way to power your home in an emergency.

Advantages of Backup Generators

Honeywell builds generators that provide backup power for homes and business locations. Generators that are permanently installed are always there when you need it. Power is provided automatically through your electrical system so there is no reason for long cords making this the most convenient way to supplement your emergency electrical needs.

The other advantages of backup generators include the following:

  • A backup generator will keep alarm systems intact, heating and cooling systems operating, and keep hot water going.
  • This device will provide the same things you have when the general power is operating.
  • Professional buildings have generators and are able to continue with business no matter how long power problems last.

We sell a variety of sizes!

Invest in a backup generator and miss nothing in the way of comfort when main power lines are not available. Honeywell generators are sold in many sizes. Our team at Comfort Plus Services will help you decide upon the right size for you. We serve customers throughout the Eastern Shore and all of Delaware.

With weather becoming more disruptive each year around the Delmarva Peninsula area, more residential and commercial property owners are investing in backup generators. At Comfort Plus Services, we can provide maintenance contracts to keep your unit in top operating condition. A backup generator is one of the best investments you can make. During poor weather conditions, many people rush to stores to purchase portable generators. Be prepared ahead of time and purchase a unit today!

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