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Boiler installation and repair

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Finding yourself without an efficient heating system in the depths of winter can be an unsettling scenario. Problems commonly occur to boilers under severe conditions and our team at Comfort Plus Services can assist. There are a variety of boiler maintenance tips which you can put into use to avoid costly repair bills and further hassle.

The most important step is to be able to detect warning signs of a malfunctioning boiler system. Condensing boilers are typically preferred by most homeowners since they significantly reduce gas and electricity costs however, they are more likely to freeze in cold temperatures and require annual preventative maintenance.

The most obvious sign of a faulty boiler is when it stops heating water. However trouble may have started long before this sign becomes apparent. The flame color is one of the indicators of the boiler's efficiency. A well-functioning boiler should produce a clear blue flame. An orange or yellow flame means it's time to speak with our boiler technician.

Boiler Inspection and Maintenance

Boiler pressure should not suddenly rise and drop, and if it does, it means that your boiler needs inspection. Strange and ticking noises when the boiler starts up are also a bad sign.

Here are some do's and don'ts of boiler maintenance:

  • Regularly run your heating system - Make this a routine at least once a month including summer, so that you ensure your system runs efficiently. This also ensures the boiler pump is free of grit gathered when it was not in use.
  • Service your boiler- Schedule boiler check-ups at least once a year to ensure smooth operation. At Comfort Plus Services, we offer 24/7 boiler repair and maintenance services which are professionally performed by a team of experts.
  • Avoid blockages- Do not block the vents or cover your gas boiler. The outside flues also need to be free from blockage. Blockages increase pressure and may lead to other serious damages on the boiler.
  • Install a detector- A carbon monoxide (CO) detector is very important to warn you promptly if there is a leak. It can help you avoid fatalities and illness. CO is a deadly gas that is extremely difficult to detect without some sort of aid. If you suspect there is a CO leak in your home, the first thing you should do is evacuate without delay. Once you have left your home you should contact the fire department who will have the proper tools to detect a CO leak and determine if it is safe to reenter your home.
  • Get informed - If you are renting your home or property, your landlord should get all appliances inspected annually to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Radiant Heating Repair and Maintenance on the Eastern Shore

In order to have a peace of mind when you have a system of tubing pumping water beneath your floors, you need to ensure it functions safely and is reliable. At Comfort Plus Services, we will schedule an appointment with you to ensure your system is in the right condition. It is wise not to ignore your radiant heating system. Doing so may put your home and comfort at risk.

Servicing your equipment ensures you enjoy the full potential of your system. Wear and tear is bound to occur after long periods of operation. It is better to detect the early stages of this normal process before it becomes a more serious issue.

Product Recommendations - Peerless Boilers

A new high efficiency WB90 oil fired boiler is a residential unit. It has direct and natural draft venting that is designed for home use. Its two-stage, high efficiency flame retention burner will keep your home toasty and warm!

This products provides the following benefits:

  • It is ETL certified for the U.S. and Canada.
  • The boiler is designed for hot water systems and is used in both direct and natural draft venting capacities.
  • It is an approved Energy Star product for high efficiency, and its boiler comes with a reset control , with a low water cut off.
  • The unit has a self-diagnosing burner control, with an indicator light and a 120 volt courtesy outlet.

The WB90 oil fired boiler is easy to install and service. Each Peerless Boiler product has a full plate swing out door, to help ease the installation and servicing process. If you are concerned about your boiler, allow our team to provide the information you need!

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