What Is NATE?

When having someone come to your home to provide routine preventive maintenance or a necessary repair on your home comfort system, you need to know that that Technician knows how to do the job correctly. Every successful relationship requires an … Continued

What Is Infrared Heat?

Wikipedia defines an infrared heater as a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to an object with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. When it comes to heating our homes, infrared heat is only used with small space … Continued

What About Ductwork?

Out of sight and out of mind is a fair thing to say about the Ductwork (arteries and veins) that controls the comfort levels of each room of your home. Under the house in your dark sometimes musty crawl space … Continued

What is Ductless?

You may have been to someone’s home and seen something on their wall similar-looking to the one pictured above. Have you ever heard the term “Mr. Slim”, or what about “Mini Split”? The most common term we now use when … Continued

What Is IAQ?

Indoor Air Quality is important because according to the EPA, Americans spend 90% of our time indoors. The quality of the air that we breathe can affect our health. If not properly addressed, our indoor air can have 2 to … Continued

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

If you’ve ever experienced the water turning ice-cold while taking a shower, you understand the importance of having a reliable source to provide hot water. In our homes, we use hot water to wash dishes, wash clothes, shower, bathtub, etc., … Continued

What is a Heat Pump?

The best way to talk about a Heat Pump is to compare it to an Air Conditioner. The process of cooling your home comes from using compressed gas to collect heat from your home through the coil that’s located in … Continued

What is Hydronic/Radiant Heating?

Summer will end soon, so its time to start thinking about getting ready for cold weather. Most homes are heated using forced air through ducts or with a Hydronic/Radiant Heat piping system. Hydronic Heating systems heat water with a component … Continued