We at Comfort Plus want to partner with you this winter, and make sure that your home stays cozy and warm. Below are some tips and information to make sure that your heating system is ready to roll.

Winter is Approaching! What Should I Do With My Heating System?

Fix it!
Need a quick tune-up on your current system to make sure you’re good to go for the winter? Did you turn it on to check the heat for the upcoming winter, and something doesn’t quite sound right?

Maintain it!
Service plans as low as $10 per month.
Each service plan provides an annual inspection and tune-up, priority scheduling and emergency service, 15% off parts and labor for any necessary repairs, and $50 in loyalty credits per year, buildable up to $500, for use on a new system. Ask about our available multi-system discounts.

Replace it!
Is it time to replace your heating system before the cold weather gets here? Get a new HVAC system for as low as $85 per month. CarrierĀ® is offering system rebates up to $1,650 or up to 72 months financing options – now through November 15.

Is Your Heating System Ready for the Cold Wintery Winter?

Now is the time to be sure that your heating system is prepared to keep you and your family happy and warm all winter long!

By far the most important thing you could is to schedule your annual 21-point inspection with Comfort Plus Services. If you have a service plan with us, you’ll get a 15% discount on any necessary repairs (parts and labor), and you’ll be ready to take advantage of priority scheduling!

If you are not already doing so, be sure to inspect and change the filter in your unit monthly. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, the filter could collect microscopic particles that could negatively effect proper air flow and cause system damage.

Do you know what sounds your heating system typically makes when operating properly? Being alert to any unusual noises could help prevent costly future repairs. Likewise, being aware of unusual odors could help avoid serious problems. Dust burning, electric burning, musty odors – each could indicate a potential issue that should be addressed. Call us if something just doesn’t sound, or smell quite right, and we’ll come check it out for you! It could be that a small adjustment is all that your system needs to get back on track.

Why is Indoor Air Quality so Important?

Maintaining the healthy indoor air quality of your home is always important, but it’s critical during the winter months when most people are indoors more often.

The winter months are often times of holiday gatherings, family feasts, and friends visiting. Making sure the air quality in your home is safe will bring you peace of mind, and keep everyone happy and healthy!

Energy Conservation Tips

Everyone wants to find ways to save money, and conserving energy in your home could help you do just that! Here are a few tips for this winter:

Install a programmable, or smart thermostat.
It allows you to automatically regulate the temperature, adjusting for when you are away from home and when you return.

Replace traditional incandescent light bulbs with more efficient CFL bulbs.

Weatherize and insulate windows, doors, and attic and crawl spaces.

Use less hot water, and turn down the thermostat on your water heater.

Change your HVAC system filter. A new filter could help keep the germs out of your home and your system working properly.

Upgrade your HVAC System