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To maintain a comfortable home and eliminate energy waste, you need a tightly sealed home.  Contaminants, such as dust, dander, fumes, and moisture are then trapped inside and continuously circulated. Unfortunately, there’s potential pollutants in every room. From carpeting and pets, to cleaning agents, pesticides, and even building materials, Indoor Air Quality can become a threat to your family’s health, comfort, the integrity of home furnishings, and performance of your HVAC system. Comfort Plus Services can help. We provide effective, affordable and sustainable solutions to all manner of Indoor Air Quality issues across Salisbury, MD and surrounding areas. See our Areas of Service.

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Professional Indoor Air Quality Product Installations & Maintenance

Innovative Carrier Air Purifier systems are the key to cleaner, healthier air. These systems use Captures & Kills™ technology to filter out allergens, pathogens (including the common cold,) and pollutants, leaving your indoor air fresh and clean. Carrier Air Purifier systems work with your HVAC system, filtering out up to 75% of organisms as small as .3 micron in size.

We also offer effective Reme Halo products to ensure we have the option to fit your needs. From in-duct air purifiers and packaged air purification systems to UV lights, we can install and recommend the product you need to ensure clean, healthy air in your home.

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Our highly trained professionals achieve your satisfaction through accurate diagnosis, knowledgeable recommendations, and targeted strategies. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our team is qualified in a wide range of whole-home innovations to resolve any challenge with quiet, low-maintenance, and effective operation. Take advantage of upfront pricing, honest estimates, and quality customer service. At Comfort Plus Services, our strength is our high standards, and we create clean, healthy, and comfortable homes across Salisbury, Fruitland, Delmar, Grasonville, Cambridge, Easton, Stevensville, Denton, Queenstown, Federalsburg, Algonquin, St. Michaels, Parsonsburg & Princess Anne, MD, and Georgetown, Milford, Millsboro, Seaford & Delmar, DE.


At Comfort Plus Services, we offer the award winning REME HALO® in-duct air purifier in your home. It provides whole house protection – not just in specific areas. This system addition kills 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses, and has zinc ions that kill germs on the spot. It’s also effective against all three categories of indoor air pollutants: Particulates, Microbial, and Gases. Installation is quick, easy and efficient, and it integrates well with many HVAC systems.

Controlled Humidity

Comfort should be your first concern with humidity, and most people and their pets feel best when the humidity is between 40-60%. Some experts say that many micro-organisms won’t grow if the humidity is controlled between 35-50%. Personally, I’m not a fan of germs or micro-organisms so keeping the humidity controlled gives me a peace of mind for the safety of my family.

Controlling humidity is important for your health and efficiency of your home as well as comfort. If the levels are too low, you will experience chills even in the summer when the system is set at warmer temperatures. Humidity at high levels will result in a damp feeling and can cause mold to grow in dark areas such as closets or other forgotten spots of your home.

A home with too high of humidity in the winter can cause ice to form on windows and also in the walls of your home. When the ice melts, water is formed on your windows and also can be found inside your exterior walls. Water in the walls can cause rotting and structural damage.

The best advice is to have a Thermostat that measures the humidity and have a home comfort system that can adjust your humidity level as needed all year long in every season. This type of system will give you the best comfort, keep your family’s health safer, and energy consumption will be at the most affordable level. There are many add-ons that can be done to upgrade your existing system without overspending.

DEHXX Performance™ Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Managing indoor humidity is important to creating a comfortable, healthy indoor environment. Too much humidity can encourage mold growth and create a cozy home for dust mites and other pests to thrive. High humidity can make you and your wallet uncomfortable too because you’ll tend to want the cooling temperature lower than you need for comfort, so your system has to work harder to keep up.

The Carrier® Performance series dehumidifier is available in two sizes, so regardless if you need a whole-home solution or just have a humid basement, you’ll have dehumidification that’s just right for your needs. Both sizes work quietly to wring out humidity from the air so you can save on utilities and be comfortable. And, they’re designed to be configurable with your existing system in a multitude of ways or operate independently away from your system if space is a problem.

HUMXXLFP Performance™ Fan-Powered Humidifier

Enjoy the air you breathe. A properly humidified home can help you breathe more comfortably with less dryness, save on energy costs, reduce static electricity, and even help protect your wood furniture.

The Performance fan-powered humidifier blows moisture vapor directly into your ducts. This home humidifier type is the preferred solution for heat pump applications.

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