1. Annual and/or Bi-Annual Tune Ups are included with the Preferred Client Plan. A 15% discount on parts, labor, and Diagnostic Fees will be applied to any repair during the service plan year.

2. Service plans are in effect for 12 months and are self-renewing each year thereafter at prevailing rates.

3. Service plans are transferrable to new property owner at seller’s option or voided upon request, but no amount is refundable.

4. Priority Service – our plan agreement clients receive priority scheduling ahead of non-agreement clients.

5. Comfort Plus Services will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service, but it is expressly agreed that Comfort Plus Services shall in no event be liable for damage or loss caused by delay or any loss arising out of the performance of this agreement.

6. Annual & Bi-Annual Tune Ups may be scheduled at any time during the service plan year through a regular program of post card reminders and follow up calls. Comfort Plus Services will make every attempt to schedule the tune up however this responsibility is shared with the client. The customer must make the unit(s) accessible to be worked on during normal business hours.

7. The Loyalty Credit Equipment Replacement Program gives each client with a Preferred Client Plan $50 for each consecutive year that a plan is in place toward the purchase of a replacement furnace, heat pump, air handler or condensing unit, up to a maximum of $500. It cannot be used for repairs, installation of accessories or any other purchases to pay any outstanding balance to Comfort Plus Services.

8. The Loyalty Credit allowance is not transferrable and cannot be paid in any form in lieu of purchase.

9. The equipment being replaced utilizing Loyalty Credits must have been covered under a current service plan with Comfort Plus Services.

10. Comfort Plus Services reserves the right to modify this program, including terminating it without prior notice. In the event of program termination all earned rewards will be available for use by our clients for a period of one year following program termination.