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Upgrading your water heater?  Looking to improve efficiency, capacity, and reliability?  Whether you’re replacing a tank-style water heater, interested in tankless heating, or in need of seasonal maintenance or skilled repair, Comfort Plus Services is here to help.  We combine high standards of job performance with top quality products to achieve your satisfaction.  Contact us at Comfort Plus Services for prompt and convenient scheduling in Salisbury, MD and surrounding areas, and we’ll answer with a uniformed, fully trained professional who is prepared for any challenge.

Expert Water Heater Repairs, Maintenance & Installations

Comfort Plus Services recommends only those makes and models of water heaters with proven track records.  Taking advantage of industry leading innovations from respected manufacturers, such as American, we offer a wide range of gas, electric, solar, and tankless options to meet any demand.  While all water heaters might look the same, they are definitely not.  We’ll help you determine proper fuel type, capacity, voltage, venting diameter, and installation dimensions, ensuring the right fit for your home and lifestyle.  All jobs are handled quickly, with careful attention to detail and without damage to your home, and Comfort Plus Services is always here to provide expert assistance.  Our technicians remain on call, providing Emergency Service throughout Salisbury, Fruitland, Delmar, Grasonville, Cambridge, Easton, Stevensville, Denton, Queenstown, Federalsburg, Algonquin, St. Michaels, Parsonsburg & Princess Anne, MD, and Georgetown, Milford, Millsboro, Seaford & Delmar, DE. See our Areas of Service.

“Jim was very good, he really went the extra mile and completely cleaned our rinnei water heater. It its as good as new now. He also fixed two of the ducts on our central air and did the annual maintenance on it. We highly recommend him.”

Daniel E.W.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Below is a tankless water heater that we’ve recently installed:
Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heater Annual Preventative Maintenance

Below shows the “during the flush” (annual maintenance), and what comes out of the system while flushing a tankless water heater. The final photo shows the water is clean, and the inside of the Tankless water heater is clean and clear as well. Service Plans on your tankless water heater can extend the life and help maintain the efficiencies. Most manufacturers require an annual plan to maintain the warranty coverage.

Before After
Tankless Tankless Water Heater - After

Most tankless water heaters (we service every brand) have a water inlet screen that needs to be cleaned every year while doing preventative maintenance. Comfort Plus Services having Factory Certified Technicians helps give our customers the good service experience they deserve. This is just one aspect of the 16 points we take care of when providing the yearly maintenance on your tankless water heater.

Before After
Water Water Inlet - After

Part of the Annual Preventive Maintenance Service Plan Membership benefit is having your burner cleaned to keep the system operating at the highest efficiency and prevents you from having a cold shower.

Before After
Tankless Water Heater - Before Tankless Water Heater - After

Our Technician, Brian, replaced this Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Heat Exchanger (the main part). Service Plans can help reduce this type of expensive and highly inconvenient breakdowns.

Before After
Tankless Water Heater Exchanger - Before Tankless Water Heater Exchanger - After

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