What is a Heat Pump?

The best way to talk about a Heat Pump is to compare it to an Air Conditioner. The process of cooling your home comes from using compressed gas to collect heat from your home through the coil that’s located in your air handler and releasing that heat to the outdoors. Many think that the air conditioner is simply producing cold air to put into your home, but the truth is that its real job is to remove heat. By removing the heat from inside your home and sending it to the outside, the air conditioner also removes humidity through this process.

A heat pump cools your home in the summer the same way as an air conditioner, and it has added components that can reverse this process to send the compressed gas in the opposite direction to heat your home. There is no noticeable difference in the looks of an air conditioner when compared to a heat pump.

Many of the Heat Pump systems today can extract heat out of the air down to five degrees Fahrenheit outdoor temperature.

The heat pump is by the simplest of terms an air conditioner that runs backward. The heat pump can collect heat from the outside of your home and release it into your home. This process can be done even when the temperatures are very low.

ThermometerMost heat pumps will need help (back-up heat) when the temperature drops below thirty-five to forty degrees Fahrenheit. The back-up heat can be Propane, Electric, Oil, and can be done using several different methods, including hydronic coils, or electric coils. Today’s Heat Pumps have a wide variety of efficiency and comfort levels, and a trained Comfort Consultant will provide you with a personalized plan to fit your comfort needs and budget.

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