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How old is your thermostat? It’s the perfect time to make an update. Today’s generation of thermostats offers incredible conveniences and cost-saving opportunities. A wide range of features and advanced technology accommodates your lifestyle, takes better care of the HVAC system, and elevates comfort. Give Comfort Plus Services a call at 855-585-9191 to learn more about the many options.

WiFi Thermostat Installation

Comfort Plus Services provides expert smart thermostat installation in Salisbury, MD and surrounding areas. We know the ins and outs of all the leading makes and models. Some of the many exciting innovations include controls that learn your seven-day schedule and automatically build a customized program. With geofencing, the thermostat knows when family members enter or exit a set perimeter around the property. Consider the amazing potential of accessing settings, alerts, and information through an app on your smartphone.

Improve your indoor air quality with a wifi thermostat

How often do you pay to heat or cool an empty house? Do you forget the air filter changes? A wifi thermostat replacement is an improvement that helps out every single day, minimizing expenses, responsibilities, and potential malfunctions. Plus, the streamlined touchscreens are attractive, easy to navigate and can be personalized to best suit your needs. Interested in voice activation? Want your thermostat to light up as you approach? How about zone control? The professionals from Comfort Plus Services are the answer to the best value from your investment, with services across Salisbury, Fruitland, Delmar, Grasonville, Cambridge, Easton, Stevensville, Denton, Queenstown, Federalsburg, Algonquin, St. Michaels, Parsonsburg & Princess Anne, MD, and Georgetown, Milford, Millsboro, Seaford & Delmar, DE.

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