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Being a home owner can be stressful. Sometimes it seems like nothing with your house is going right and every time you turn around there is a new problem to deal with. If that problem happens to be with your sewer line, well it stinks a little more than usual! Backed up sewer lines and water leaks are both problems that no homeowner wants to deal with. Comfort Plus Services makes sewer line repairs easy and efficient.

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Sewer lines are out of sight and out mind until they aren’t. If your shower, sink or toilet backs up with water it means that you have an issue with your sewer line. Sometimes this clog can be fixed with an over the counter drain snake. Other times, it’s necessary to call a professional company such as Comfort Plus Services, as we have bigger drain snakes that clear up virtually any clog.

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If you’re noticing that your drains are constantly back-up, it could be time to replace your sewer lines. Once again, Comfort Plus Services is here to help and happy to provide a quote for a re-piping. Outside of water backing up, drain lines can also start leaking and damaging your home. If you notice water damage around your plumbing fixtures, don’t hestitate to call Comfort Plus Services for a consultation. A leak in your sewer line can become very problematic very quickly and it’s best to have it repaired right away!

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